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It’s Sunday, and you know what that means – we’ve got a huge dollop of fresh reveals that you can pre-order from next weekend. 

Sigmar heard your cries for aid and has unleashed fresh legions of thunderstrike-armoured warriors to battle yet more Kruleboyz reinforcements. Meanwhile, darkness sweeps through Middle-earth, Blood Bowl gets some bestial Star Players, and Warhammer+ adds new animations and more.

Without further ado – shields up, hammers out, let’s brave this storm of new Warhammer together.

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Stormcast Eternal players rejoice, as next weekend Sigmar sends new troops to pummel, chop, and smite the enemies of Order. Leading the reinforcements mustering in the wake of the Stormcast Eternals battletome is perhaps the mightiest warrior of Azyr.

Lord-Commander Bastian Carthalos

The head honcho of the Hammers of Sigmar, Bastian Carthalos strides onto the battlefield with one purpose – to obliterate all those who stand against Sigmar. An awe-inspiring warrior, Carthalos comes complete with his whopping meteoric grandhammer, Uskavar, and possibly the most glorious cape ever seen in the Mortal Realms. 

SundayPreview Oct17 Bastian


Next up is the Knight-Relictor. These morbid Heroes may be less likely to get into a brawl – though that spiked mace packs a punch – instead, they prefer to burn the bones of martyrs and offer up prayers to Sigmar to bolster your forces.


SundayPreview Oct17 KnightRelictor


Despite the widespread belief that the Stormcast Eternals see every problem as a nail to be hammered, some of them use sharp weapons. Take the Vanquishers, elite swordsmen who meditate with their swords until their spirit becomes one with these mystical blades.

SundayPreview Oct17 Vanquishers


Kitted out in a lightweight variant of thunderstrike armour and covered in flowing robes, Vigilors are a recon unit armed with Stormcaller bows. You can use these archers to pincushion their enemies, making it easier for the rest of your forces to hit them. One even has a map, so there’s no chance they’ll get lost on their way to the battlefield.

SundayPreview Oct17 Vigilors

Next up, three units that you may recognise from the Dominion boxed set are on the way next week, all of which are being unleashed upon the realms as individual kits.


Heroes like the Bastian Carthalos and the Knight-Relictor are prime targets for enemy assassins, which is where Praetors come in. These bodyguards are so closely bound to their ward that they begin to take on their personality traits – and they can take on the wounds that they suffer too.

SundayPreview Oct17 Praetors


When regular Paladin units aren’t enough, what do the Stormcast Eternals do? They call in the big lads. Annihilators do precisely what their name suggests, charging into enemies with such fury and momentum that few are left standing. 

SundayPreview Oct17 Annihilators


Finally, the rank-and-file of the thunderstrike-armoured warriors – the Vindictors are also up for pre-order next Saturday. These formidable spear-wielding warriors are the perfect Battleline unit.

SundayPreview Oct17 Vindicators

The Draconith Are Inbound

Flaming breath, scaly hides, leathery wings, and fanged grins – the Stormcast Eternals Draconith princes are bringing all this and more to a tabletop near you soon. We previewed these majestic creatures earlier in the year, but it turns out that caging and transporting these proud beasts is quite tricky. A few charred shipping containers notwithstanding, you should see Krondys and Karazai released around the world in December.

SundayPreview Oct17 Dragons

Not happy to let Sigmar’s shiny ’umies take all the glory, the Orruk Warclans are also sneaking some reinforcements onto the battlefield next week.

Man-skewer Boltboyz

SundayPreview Oct17 Boltboyz

First seen in the Dominion boxed set are these deadly ranged units. The Man-skewer Boltboyz come complete with an option for a unit champion who has a fancy – and grotesque – banner to mark him out. 

Hobgrot Slittaz

SundayPreview Oct17 Slittaz

Finally, the Hobgrot Slittaz are also available individually. These servile gitz are perfect for screening your more valuable orruks, and the kit comes with many options for musicians, standard-bearers, and leaders – or as we like to call them, bullies.

Fans of the Middle-earth Strategy Battle Game are also in for a treat, as a whole host of outstanding pre-orders are lined up for next Saturday.

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