Quick RPG Plot Ideas No. 2

Name: The Shepherd that Would be Wolf

Setting: Any Fantasy, Western or Medieval Setting

Quick Summary: Your weary heroes seek refuge in a small community from their travels, a soft bed, a warm meal and a place to tend their wounds.

You find yourself in a beautiful almost idyllic place yet something seems off, the people are hesitant to speak openly and always glance in fear over their shoulder when asked of certain things. They cower and look away when authority is near, people who question or stand up to power go missing, and the longer you’re here you see that this pristine place seems to have a rotten core.

The question is will you do something about it or turn your back, will you make things better or accidentally make it worse?

Photo by Clint Bustrillos on Unsplash

Recommendations: This idea works well with a fantasy or medieval setting, with villains either being the Mayor, the Local head of the Clergy or a Wealthy Benefactor of the town.

I find this setting also works best if your heroes are in need of downtime to heal or hideout. It makes doing something about corruption a much more daunting task.

Possible Systems: Any you’re comfortable with this is a universal plot that works well in almost any situation.

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