Quick RPG Plot Ideas No. 1

Name: In Tenebris Antiquis

Setting: Ancient Europe northern Germania after the fall of the Germanic Tribes

Quick Summary: On the edge of the great empire of Rome a small group of tired loyal Legionnaires are asked one last service before the long journey home.

In a land that hates them with limited understanding of local customs or the language these tired warriors must solve a horrible mystery.

Roman citizens and locals are being murdered most foul, their terrified corpses found twisted in fear and anguish, riddled with strange wounds in the wet cold misty woods.

How do you fight something you can’t find, in a place you don’t know or understand with people that don’t want you there?

Photo by Christopher Paul High on Unsplash

Recommendations: I would personally run this as a short horror campaign with a supernatural antagonist, perhaps a Vampire, Lycanthrope or some kind of Nordic Horror creature. 

Possible Systems: Potentially Lex Arcana as it already explores these themes. Vaesen (Nordic Horror RPG), World of Darkness, maybe even GURPS.

In the end use any system you feel comfortable with.

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