Symbaroum RPG - Thistle Hold Wrath of the Warden Supplement Hardback


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Symbaroum RPG - Thistle Hold Wrath of the Warden Supplement Hardback

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Thistle Hold – Wrath of the Warden is the first book in the Chronicle of the Throne of Thorns. It begins with a section that expands on the Core Rulebook’s description of Thistle Hold, written to be read by both player’s and Game Masters. After that comes a section exclusively meant for the Game Master, chiefly containing secrets and information which may be used to create adventures set in the town at the border of Davokar. The final section of this book consists of the adventure Wrath of the Warden – an adventure that undoubtedly will provide you and your friends many entertaining and thrilling gaming hours around the table.

Featured content:

The action packed and highly dramatic adventure Wrath of the Warden.

A comprehensive introduction to Thistle Hold’s history, establishments, groupings, and conflicts meant to be read by both players and GM’s.

About twenty detailed taverns, inns, shops and more, where the player characters spend time and thaler between adventures.

A revealing account of what hides in the shadows of Thistle Hold, full of plot hooks and intrigues waiting to be developed into adventures.

Two colorful ruins to explore and guidelines for how to set up for Goal Oriented Roleplaying.

A chapter with additional rules, including new traits, abilities, special actions, elixirs and not least half a dozen new mystical artefacts.


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