Symbaroum RPG - Karvosti The Witch Hammer Supplement


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Symbaroum RPG - Karvosti The Witch Hammer Supplement

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Karvosti – The Witch Hammer invites you to join the treasure hunt of a lifetime! Between these covers you will find not only the epic and action-packed adventure The Witch Hammer, but also nearly a hundred pages of campaign material describing the cliff of Karvosti and its surrounding area, including an extensive section with new rules and guidelines pertinent to the setting and adventure.

Featured content:

The Witch Hammer – the most dire and perilous treasure hunt since the days of Symbaroum.

An extended account of the history, activities, factions and conflicts of the Karvosti region, to be read by both players and Game Masters.

Twenty unique establishments where player characters may rest, eat, drink, gather information or seek an audience with local dignitaries.

A comprehensive chapter for the Game Master, describing what lurks beneath the region’s surface, with plenty of plot hooks to develop into adventures or entire campaigns.

Guidelines on how to handle the exploration of ruins and the scheming going on in Symbaroum, plus plenty of additional rules including new abilities, traits, elixirs, artifacts, monsters and enemies.


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