Gel Blaster Batteries and Chargers? What Do I Use?

Introduction So you have all your gear setup ready to go, one problem you may face is if your Gel Blaster battery keeps draining before the end of the day but there is more blasting to do! Or maybe the battery you have isn’t suitable? Also maybe your charger isn’t suitable too? Maybe an extra […]

Cleaning Your Inner Barrel

I hear a lot of people say to clean your barrel with silicone, pieces of paper towels, and leave the barrel inside the blaster. In this guide, I hope to spread some light on what you should really do to get the best accuracy and life of your internal parts. What cleanser you should use? […]

How to properly fill up green gas magazines!

In this quick blog article, we will go over how to correctly fill your green gas magazines. Questions about the use of green gas are what drive a lot of people nuts about playing with gas-powered gel blasters.  Things you need to do this task (if you would like to try it out as you […]