What are Gel Blasters?

Today in this blog we will cover what is a “Gel Blaster” and a little history about them. Keep in mind this information was taken directly from Wikipedia and slightly changed. It might not be 100% accurate but will give you a really good idea what Gel Blasters are. Text and Image Source: From Wikipedia, […]

Cleaning Your Inner Barrel

I hear a lot of people say to clean your barrel with silicone, pieces of paper towels, and leave the barrel inside the blaster. In this guide, I hope to spread some light on what you should really do to get the best accuracy and life of your internal parts. What cleanser you should use? […]

FAQ: What are Gel Balls?

Note: This was information is from various website on the internet, I just modified the information, added information, corrected grammar, wording and spelling. 1.1 What are Gel Balls? Gel Balls are non-toxic, environmentally-friendly, water beads used as ammunition for Gel Blaster Toys Guns (People in the industry and players alike call them Gel Blasters to […]

Know Your Connector?

In his blog we will dive into the world of “Battery Connectors”! Older NiCd and NiMh batteries originally had just one main charge connector, while the newer lipo batteries now have two main connectors, and sometimes a third connector (battery packs specifically designed for transmitters). The two main connectors are; main charge connector, which is […]