Staring into the Abyss

Staring into the Abyss Sometimes we all get disillusioned with ‘the Hobby’, be it tabletop gaming or RPGs or collectable card games.  It happens for a myriad of reasons: constant defeat with your favourite deck or army, feeling like your character never has the spotlight in an RPG, or sometimes, it can be because you […]

The Position of the Player

Being a Player in an RP campaign can be one of the most fun and rewarding experiences you will ever have. The comradery of your RP group and the characters, places and stories that swirl around in your head can lead to great memories you recount years down the track. As a Player, this would […]

Quick RPG Plot Ideas No. 3 | A True Treasure

Quick RPG Plot Ideas No. 3 Name: A True Treasure Setting: An Ancient Forest, Temple or Lost City. Modern, Fantasy or Sci Fi. Quick Summary: Your adventurers are down on their luck and need a way out, bills are due and people are looking for you, the kind of people you don’t want to meet […]

Coming Out of My Shell Thanks to Games

Most people wouldn’t know it from talking to me, but I am naturally an introvert. I like to spend time by myself, working on my own projects, buried in my own thoughts. Social activity often leaves me feeling drained and exhausted, and I spend a lot of my time worrying about what people think of […]