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Tau Army Starter

Get your Tau army off to an epic start with this pack. This pack consists of 1 Start Collecting Tau Army box set which includes 3 Crisis Suits and Drones, 1 Fireteam and 1 Ethereal. We Paired this with a Tau Commander Box set, 1 Box Set of Tau Stealth Suits, Glue, a Medium layer […]


Stormcast Eternals: Knight

Borne into war by shimmering bolts of divine lightning, the Stormcast Eternals are warriors of vengeance. Forged by the god-king Sigmar into living weapons against the power of Chaos, some of these soldiers of the heavens are notable even amongst their shining brethren for their heroic deeds – these champions become known as a Knight-Questor. […]


Space Marine Force

Okay this is a nice jump into a space marine force, now I know I missed an opportunity to make a pun with an assault squad in this pack. I will make it up to you in future. All jokes aside thought this is a nice start for a space marine fighting force only missing […]


Simple Step into

Want a simple step into 40k we have you covered. This is a nice start with an easy to build Mythic Blight Crawler that is snap-fit and doesn’t even require glue. A can of Death Guard Green Spray to undercoat and a Medium layer paintbrush to start painting. This can be a nice entry-level project […]


Pistol & Rifle

Package Contains: 1x Fast Pistol Magazine Pouch 1x Fast Rifle Magazine Pouch 2x MOLLE Clips


Black Multicam MTEK

Pack Includes: 1x Black Multicam MTEK Helmet 1x Camera Adapter


Astra Militarum force

Whether you’re starting a new Astra Militarum force or just expanding on an existing one this is a great little pack. We have 1 Command Squad, I Sentinel and 1 Heavy Weapon Squad all bundled together for you. To make it easier as a starter set we have included Chaos Black Spray, a medium layer […]


Amomax Universal Holster

Package Contains: 1x Holster 1x Leg Mounting Platform Click on this link and check product description for list of compatible pistols for this holster.