Quick RPG Plot Ideas No. 4

Name: The Outpost Setting: An old outpost at the edge of a frontier in a space or fantasy environment. Quick Summary: Your adventurers have been asked to investigate an outpost that has ceased all communication; what they find is a besieged and dishevelled encampment on its last legs. Food and supplies are short, defenses are […]

Staring into the Abyss

Staring into the Abyss Sometimes we all get disillusioned with ‘the Hobby’, be it tabletop gaming or RPGs or collectable card games.  It happens for a myriad of reasons: constant defeat with your favourite deck or army, feeling like your character never has the spotlight in an RPG, or sometimes, it can be because you […]

How to Avoid Toxicity in Gaming

I absolutely love gaming in all formats, and it will always be a part of my life, but there have been times when even I struggled to find the love of the game. Tabletop and computer gaming has brought so much into my life: friends, new creative ideas, refreshing ways to relax and unwind, however […]

The Position of the Player

Being a Player in an RP campaign can be one of the most fun and rewarding experiences you will ever have. The comradery of your RP group and the characters, places and stories that swirl around in your head can lead to great memories you recount years down the track. As a Player, this would […]

Quick RPG Plot Ideas No. 3 | A True Treasure

Quick RPG Plot Ideas No. 3 Name: A True Treasure Setting: An Ancient Forest, Temple or Lost City. Modern, Fantasy or Sci Fi. Quick Summary: Your adventurers are down on their luck and need a way out, bills are due and people are looking for you, the kind of people you don’t want to meet […]

Quick RPG Plot Ideas No. 1 | In Tenebris Antiquis

Quick RPG Plot Ideas No. 1 Name: In Tenebris Antiquis Setting: Ancient Europe northern Germania after the fall of the Germanic Tribes Quick Summary: On the edge of the great empire of Rome a small group of tired loyal Legionnaires are asked one last service before the long journey home. In a land that hates […]

Quick RPG Plot Ideas No. 2 | Name: The Shepherd that Would be Wolf

Quick RPG Plot Ideas No. 2 Name: The Shepherd that Would be Wolf Setting: Any Fantasy, Western or Medieval Setting Quick Summary: Your weary heroes seek refuge in a small community from their travels, a soft bed, a warm meal and a place to tend their wounds. You find yourself in a beautiful almost idyllic […]

Warhammer Day 2021 – Something Festive This Way Comes… What Could it Be?

Warhammer Day has been absolutely packed with goodies, regardless of what game system you’re into, but we’re not done yet. There’s one final thing that we want to share before signing off. So, grab yourself a lovely cup of hot chocolate, warm yourself by the fire, and watch the snow fall as we whisk you […]

Tips for the Gamemaster

Role-Playing Games have been in my life for decades now, and I still find joy in them today. Sitting around the table munching on bad snacks while rolling dice and laughing or crying at the outcomes, and the fun and interesting things that happen, are still a highlight of many a weekend. These days I […]